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You feel like home

I saw this beautiful story on my Facebook today. They are the work of a very talented friend from Hanoi, Vietnam. You can follow her @xlan.illustration on Instagram. She drew this story after an argument with her boyfriend. I am lucky to know both of them so I know a bit of context of their relationship. I asked her whether I could share it on @ourlovequest on a Valentine's day. She said yes immediately :).

Going through her story reminds me that relationship is not always smooth. It's never meant to be argument free, conflict free anyway. In fact, when you argue, it means that you care and you want to communicate to resolve the differences. As long as both of you still care, your relationship still has a chance to thrive.

I used to be in a 5 year relationship without any real argument, I thought I was blessed. Oh boy how dead wrong I was, that's indeed one of the biggest red flags in relationship because it means that both of the people either don't like to confront and try to ignore the conflict that is growing bigger and bigger everyday or perhaps one or both of them just don't care about their relationship anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I do not encourage you to pick a fight every single day on every little thing. I just wish you have the courage to confront things that violate your values, or actions that hurt your feelings. Have that argument. Share how you feel. Listen to your partner. As long as both of you care for each other, there's no argument that's too big to be resolved.

Back to this story, the last line just makes my ❤️ swell. No matter what happen, you feel like home. I wish you find that home, my friends. And if you haven't and are still single like me, keep looking, your "home" might just be around the corner.

Happy Valentine's day everyone!

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