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My forever Valentine

I have a digital photo frame that links with my personal Instagram account and it displays all the photos I have posted so far. Yesterday, as I was sitting on my sofa, it just caught my eyes that it showed a very old picture of Wrinkles when he was sleeping. He slept like a human sometimes with the back on the floor and all his 4 legs up in the air were as if he was flying. It made me laugh when looking at the photo and I was sad at the same time because Wrinkles left us 2 months ago.

But this post is not meant to dwell into my sadness because Wrinkles wouldn’t want that. Instead, I will tell you some funny stories about him so that you can all celebrate this life with me.

Believe it or not, I used to be scared of dogs. When I was young, we shared the same house with another family and they had a giant dog that was forever tied in a corner. Everyday I had to go past him and he always jumped on me and barked loudly. I didn’t know much about dogs back then. I was just frightened and was afraid that he would bite me. He never did and I guess the reason he barked and jumped on me was because he had been tied for so long.

When I met Wrinkles, things changed completely. I guess love changes everything. While he was quite big and reminded me of the dog back at my home, he was so sweet and funny. His favorite words were “food”, “walk” and he hated the word “shower” the most. Every time I said “shower”, he would run away and tried to hide but he knew he would never succeed, worth a try anyway huh Wrinkles?

He always followed me to the kitchen because of the food. The only time he ran away from the kitchen was once I tried to make a steak and it was burning with lots of smoke. He literally ran for his life, for once, he didn’t care about the food. Every time I remember this story, I laugh.

One day, we went for a walk. We barely made it to the field which was like 5 mins away from home. Wrinkles stopped suddenly and refused to walk no matter what I tried. I was worried if his feet got injured or something was wrong with him. I tried to convince him to walk back with me but he just sat there. I then had to carry a 25-kg-fat-dog back home and we lived on a top floor of a walk-up apartment so imagine. I was exhausted. Guess what, the moment we arrived at home, Wrinkles not only walked perfectly fine, he ran playfully around the house like nothing happened. I was like he knew how to trick me.

Wrinkles would always excitedly welcome us home even though we just went out for like 30 mins for lunch or something. He welcomed us like he hadn’t seen us for years. So no matter how bad a day was, Wrinkles always made it better with his signature welcome. But it only lasted for 2 mins and then he would go on with his life. Same thing at night, he would never want to share the bed for more than 2 mins. He would just find his favorite corner and sleep.

But I still remember that night, in one of the lowest moments in my life, I was depressed and couldn’t control my emotions, Wrinkles would jump on the bed and spent the whole night sleeping next to me. I would never forget that night. My loneliness disappeared. My broken heart got mended. All because of Wrinkles. All because of his love.

When it was the day for Wrinkles to leave us because of the spreading and incurable cancer, I came to visit him for the last time. We spent some time together, no tricks, no games, just enjoyed each other’s presence. When I left, he was sleeping and too weak to say goodbye to me. I got in the car and the car was about to leave and suddenly, I noticed something at the gate, it was Wrinkles. Miraculously, he knew that I was leaving and he managed to get up and ran to the gate to say goodbye to me for the last time. I got off the car and rushed to the gate to hug and say goodbye to him too. I told him that I loved him and he would always be my forever Valentine!

I am weeping now as I write these lines. It’s been 2 months and I haven’t really had time to properly celebrate Wrinkle’s life & love. Today I finally have a chance to do that with this story.

Thank you for joining me in this celebration.

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