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My Love for Seoul N Tower

My heart flutters when I think of Seoul N Tower. Seoul N Tower is a famous landmark in the heart of my hometown, Seoul, South Korea. Yes, I’m telling you that I am in love with some tower in a city. If you think that doesn’t sound too crazy and rather stimulates your curiosity, take a number ;)

<The View of Seoul’s Skyline from Seoul N Tower Park>

I will need hours and hours to chat about all the things I love about Seoul N Tower and all the memories I cherish about it. That is how much I love and am passionate about the tower! Hence, I tried hard to summarise those reasons down to three.

<Seoul N Tower and the Sunset From Living Room>

To begin with, Seoul N Tower means home to me. Before I moved out, I lived with my family for 24 years in two different apartments in the same town. When I turned 12, my parents decided to move to another apartment that was just 2-min-drive away from the original house so that my brother and I could go to the middle school that had the shorter and safer commute. Not only did I love our new house for its relative spaciousness, I loved it for the completely open view from the living room. We could see a subtle skyline of Seoul through the living room window. The tiny Seoul N Tower was sitting in the lower left corner of the wide living room window. To be honest, the view wasn’t anything fancy compared to all the luxurious riverside apartments. However, the subtly visible Seoul N Tower and buildings of Seoul were carved in my little heart reminding me I was on my home ground.

<Seoul N Tower From Living Room>

Then, when I turned 22 and started my first full-time job was the time, I became very conscious and obsessed about my love for Seoul N Tower. The tower came to me as something more than just a home ground as I started to observe the tower from different corners of Seoul as I traveled around the city and the country as a field salesperson. The living room window was not anymore, the only window for me to see the tower. I found Seoul N Tower through windows of numerous cabs, subways, buses, and trains I was on to or back from work or client meetings. I found it through windows at some clients’ offices. I met the tower in daytime and at nighttime. I met the tower before, after, or in between client meetings. I remember all the emotions I had watching the tower, and not surprisingly they were mostly related to work. They were from nervousness to excitement or happiness and to sadness and frustration. I felt growing from whatever I was experiencing as a young female new hire in the industry where my demographic characteristics were not quite common. On good days and bad days, Seoul N Tower was always there watching me grow.

<More Photos of Seoul N Tower as I Started to Find It From Different Corners of Seoul>

The third meaning I relate to Seoul N Tower is the love and support my mom gives me. As I started to work, the weekend was the only time I could enjoy the view of Seoul N Tower in sunlight in our living room. After spending one full week facing difficult clients and coping with complex internal and external situations at work, weekends eventually came every now and then. I would sleep in to wake up to my mom’s breakfast, or brunch depending on how long I slept in. I crawled out of my bed lazily and sat down on the dining table located right next to the living room window. My mom claims she is not a great chef, but I believe she certainly is. From morning fruit cups to egg Benedict brunch set, from Korean traditional home meal to all sorts of fusion cuisine, I enjoyed healthy and delish dishes prepared with love by my mom along with the daylight and the view through the window. We talked over the meal and often my work-related mood would crawl up over the meal to get me extra excited or depressed. No matter what it was, I felt fully rested and supported over the meal and the conversation I had with my mom. Seoul N Tower was always in the background of this weekend recharge and quality time full of love and good food.

When I heard about Our Love Quest from Vu for the first time and shared a bit of my passion and love for Seoul N Tower, Vu suggested that I should write about it. It was slightly before Work From Home started. If generous Vu gives me a chance to explain why it took 3 months for me to finally keep the promise, I have to say I have been badly missing my home, my family, and of course, the tower, to write about it. The outbreak of COVID-19 has been outrageous and totally unexpected. During the first several weeks of the Singapore government’s Circuit Breaker, I was heavily struggling to better understand my new job I was only a few months into and adapt to the new country and living environment. Trying to write about what I missed most during this tough time was too difficult for me. However, at the same time, all the related memories around Seoul N Tower actually kept me grounded and gave me energy to find ways to bounce back.

I am deeply happy and grateful to be able to share my passion and love for Seoul N Tower today. I hope you all stay grounded with the help of your own version of Seoul N Tower in your heart especially during this tough time worldwide ❤️

<Seoul N Tower On The Door of My Current Room>

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