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What is love, from a married guy's pov

"I am not a romantic type. I didn't have a ring when I proposed to my wife. I just asked her to marry me and she said yes. Because she loves me. Because she remembers our 3 years dating together."

Asyraf told me when I asked him about his love life during my trip to KLIA 2 to catch my flight back home. I love how simple and genuine his answer was.

I realize everyone speaks about love differently, depend on where we are in this journey. It is not one-answer-fits-all. I was expecting a romantic answer and learned that I was dead wrong. That was more like "my" answer and not his. I should be more open to different languages of love and various ways of expressing love. They are not superior or inferior, good or bad, they are just different and unique.

I could feel the warmth and also see a big smile when Asyraf shared things he loves about his wife. She's a great cook according to him!

To him, love is all about understanding and supporting each other. He wants his wife to understand and support whenever he wants to go out and play sports. I then asked what his wife wants from him. He paused and said that she wants him to take her for holidays so he needs to work hard for it.

And we arrived at KLIA2, I told him about and he asked for the link again. I hope you get to read this Asyraf. Thank you for inspiring us about your love and wish you have many more happy trips together!

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