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Unconditional love

Have you ever wondered what men and children have in common? Unconditional love, from my experience.😏

It must be one of the most impulsive decisions I’ve made when I said yes to an offer from a friend, “hey, are you still considering adopting a dog?”.

Given my husband is such a huge Garfield’s fan and the amount of “conversations” we had about dogs/cats, and that the kids are still not sure if which side they take, I’ve been preparing myself for “I’m gonna be on my own” in this dog game.

But just like many things in life, you could never know. The night we took home Chimai, a 4-month male Frenchton, I witnessed something magical.

We were in a cab, and I had Chimai on my lap while the boys were sitting next to me, talking loud and being restless just like how they normally are whenever we’re in a car.

Then, Chimai fell asleep and Alex asked me if he was sleeping. I said yes and suggested them to stay silent. Immediately, they stopped their “non-senses”, sat upright, and stayed motionless.

As Alex leaned down to verify if Chimai was actually sleeping, Antoine stopped him and said, “Alex, let him sleep”. And just like that, we enjoyed a calm ride home, to my surprise.

That love spell must have run through the house as I also noticed THE “cat” man started to care for the dog, feeding him, cleaning after his pee and p...s, 😛 taking him out for toilet break, etc.

It could have been at first that he had no choice, or that he loved his wife so he had to; still, he took good care of the dog. Even last night, I got a message from him saying that he looked up food for dogs and discovered grapes and chocolate might be poisonous to Chimai.

Well, for an ailurophile, this is gigantic. And of course, I do not take any of these for granted. So, to all the men who love us, women, and our pets unconditionally regardless of our flaws, we salute you!

Photo: Chimai and his packmaster. 🙂

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