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True love in real life

I met Christopher during a Lyft ride in San Francisco. He seemed very chatty & friendly to all the passengers in his car. I took a chance to interview him during a drive from my hotel to the event venue.

"What's love to you?" I asked.

"Well, depending on what type of love, in general, love is fairness. It's a 2 way street. You give your loved ones more time & care as you hold them very dear to you. It's also companionship. I only got to learn the true meaning of love when I lost it. I took my ex girlfriend for granted which I should have never done in the first place. Only when I lost her, I realized how important she was in my life. She gave me butterflies. Thinking of her made me smile."

"To find true love is really hard though." He continued. "Especially here in Silicon Valley where most of the girls are always so occupied with technology and their phones. It's really difficult to find girls in a normal setting and not having to rely on all the dating apps."

"I grew up in Mission. It was really tough. My mom is a single mom and she had 2 jobs to raise 4 kids on her own. Nevertheless, she raised us very well. My mom taught us to say thank you and yes please when someone does something for us. She also told us to hold the door for the ladies. I studied nutrition and got a certificate on that. I go to gym a lot to work on my body.I work hard to stay on the right track. It's like cutting a big redwood tree, I keep chopping until it's gone to achieve my goal. I am going to LA soon for an audition. My friend will help me there. I want to be an actor. I want to earn enough money to buy a house for my mom. She sacrificed a lot for us. "

He wanted to share more but unfortunately we already reached my destination. Fortunately, during this short ride, I could already feel a very warm and genuine love that he has for his ex, for his mom & his zest for life. And so I wish you all the best my friend, the world is your oyster, just don't forget to listen to your heart.

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