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I love you more than words can say

There is a well known book ‘The Five Love Languages’ which describes how we each express our love differently and each have a preferred way of receiving love. I know that I feel loved, and appreciated, when I’m given something from the heart, not diamonds or expensive gifts, but notes, letters, even loving text messages.

My husband writes the most beautiful cards. The first birthday card he gave me had a fluffy blue flower on it, I loved it. He described me in a way which I didn’t know anyone would have noticed, I felt truly seen in the words he used. I kept the card for years until the pen on the inside had almost faded. The cards he gives me are always beautiful, often from independent shops or galleries, no glossy supermarket cards. His words capture that moment in our life, a move, a holiday, our precious boys, a new job or a leap of faith into a new venture. It sometimes makes it difficult to write him a card because I feel that I can never capture the love and affection I have for him.

So this to me is love. In times gone by these would have been love letters sent in the post. Now they are cards left out on the kitchen table or put inside my suitcase when I go on a trip. This month we will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary and twenty years together, so this is my message of love to you, I love you more than words can say xxx

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