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You're the love of my life

I will love you more everyday for the rest of my life. Nothing that you can ever do or say will change this. With you I am happiest. By your side I am confident. There is nothing we can’t accomplish together. I hope one day you find this an think of us. You always will have my heart and love whenever you need it. I promise to always be the best Friend you fell in love with, and someone who understands you when you think no one else can.

You fear our future together, but I never once questioned that. I don’t want to lose you and spend the rest of my life trying to love another person as much as I have loved you. Your personality is complicated but I am slowly learning why you love me so much. I always want you to be happy even if it is not with me. You can never be replaced and I can’t even imagine my life without you by my side. Even if you hate me sometimes I am ok. It is your own way.

If it takes years for you to come back to me I will wait.

You are the love of my life, B.

Love you always & forever.


He went overseas for business trip yesterday. I was bored at home so I arranged the wardrobe again. Suddenly I saw a paper in the picture frame he bought for us. We couldn't find the best pic of us yet to use the frame. I opened the frame and saw his letter. He wrote it long time ago I guess.

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