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Station love

Updated: Feb 2, 2018

Nobody should wake up at 4am for a flight. It's a crime and should be banned. Full stop. While my half awake brain is moaning, I am so grateful that I got to witness a beautiful event because of this early flight.

I saw a couple seeing each other off at the KL Sentral. It's 4am. Let me remind you of this important fact. He deserves a standing ovation for waking up this early to drive and send his partner to the station.

And the sweetest part is that they were lingering on (yes, I'm kinda stalking this whole "cheesy" romantic encounter) and the guy didn't want to leave and waited until his partner left. This is where you are supposed to say "awwwww" and feel a warmth in your heart.

I remembered of being sent off and picked up at the airport. I have to confess that I am a sucker for this, especially the picking up part. It's a wonderful feeling when your loved ones surprised​ and showed up at the airport just to welcome you home.

Your cynical self might argue that only couple in the early stage of relationship do that, when there's still lots of excitement and when you still have to try to win each other's heart. I have some good news for you. I have friends who have been together for decades and still do that. It's not about the years but the efforts that count!

While seeing your loved ones off at the airport is not a criteria to evaluate our relationship, it's an important reminder for all of us I guess to work harder and put our efforts in building it. It's so easy to get complacent. It's so effortless to take your loved ones for granted. But you know what, true love require hard work. The moment you stop working for it is the moment you stop caring, you stop loving.

So stop all the excuses & "becauses". Start all the actions & "I will".

When was the last time you said the 3 magic words "I love you" to your loved one? When did you surprise her or him with your heart full of love?

Don't wait.

Text the cheesiest message.

Pick up your phone and call for no reason, to just hear their voice and check how their day have been going.

Come home today and give your loved one the tightest hug because you can. Bonus if you can kiss well too.

Everyday we get to wake up is an amazing opportunity for us to care and to love.

Keep loving!

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