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She's my Teddy Bear

I met my then wife at a music gig during Hari Raya festival. I play bass and she sings. We are from different bands. I didn't want to go after her at first because of the typical stereotype, bass player always dates singer. And guess what, we are married now.

I am in interior design and I have been driving Uber for a year now. People just get so greedy nowadays, want more and pay less so I quit my interior design job and just play Uber for now. My wife is an admin.

How did I propose my wife? I didn't really surprise her. I just asked her to marry me and our parents met.

To me, marriage is an oath & a promise that I want to keep loving and taking care of my wife.

How do you keep your marriage going? Compromise and give in.

We do argue and sometimes do not talk to each other for weeks. And we talk again because we miss each other. I miss her cooking and she misses me pampering her. She's my Teddy Bear.

Ashar, 35, Singapore

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