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Multi-dimensional love

Updated: Feb 2, 2018

Last weekend I had an opportunity to attend a destination wedding of my friend's brother in Sabah, Malaysia. While wedding is the ultimate of love, what I experienced at this wedding about love was way beyond my imagination.

Multi-dimensional love I call.

- The immense love from the grandma to her very young grandsons when their father passed away. She refused to move to another state because she wants to take care of her grandsons.

- The balanced love from the mother for her young kids when she had to play the role of both father & mother after your husband passed away. The sacrifice she made, the hard work she put in, the endurance she developed, all just to raise her kids.

- The tough love from the uncles to their nephews. Scolding is caring in this case and they always stand behind to support them unconditionally.

- The unconditional love from the eldest sister for her youngest one when their mom passed away. She was like the mother to her young sister, deeply cares and protects her from whatever life throws at.

- The quiet love from the big brother to his younger one. They might not always get along and deep inside, the caring & protection is just getting stronger & stronger, the need to ensure his brother to be happy like him.

- The friendship love from the friends of both the bride and groom. For the friendship, they travelled all the way from Australia just to be there to witness & celebrate the wonderful union of the couple.

- Last but not least, the beautiful love that the bride & the groom have for each other. Their futsal, birthday & proposal stories and their vows made me cry. They might not be the fancy, Hollywood stories you read in the magazines, they are just so down to earth, real & contain so much love.

I had to admit that I cried several times in both of the bride & groom's speeches despite the fact that I had no idea of what they were talking about (Mandarin, Cantonese). I realized that sometimes, languages just get in our way and you don't always have to understand it. Just feel it instead. Feel the immense power of love.

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