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Love Yourself First!

I got literally a new life, as I started loving myself for who I am. I started a new life full of energy and passion.

While growing up, I had a very low self-esteem of being just who I am. Everyone had an image of me. How I should learn cooking, to taking care of people, to getting good grades in school.

I thought of only if I could study more and get good grades –I would be loved.

I thought only if I was good looking, people will love me more,

I thought only if I could listen more and do what I am asked to do, I will be a good girl ..

Good enough to be complete.

I thought if only I could –be what other people have an image of perfection, I will be perfect!

But then, I would have been someone else’s image of what I should be!

Like -Krishna – Everyone has their own definition of Krishna!

Being someone else’s image was never an option, so I took my own path………….

I could never be that ideal society’s image of that beautiful girl /lady whom the society desires. The Kurukshetra within me of defying the norms and follow your instinct went for long. I always used to wonder why I must go through these situations and have people in my life challenging my belief.

Why I must fight to be what I am and do what I want to do!

Today all my questions have been answered –Today I am proud of myself, not because- I have earned financial freedom by working in the corporate world, not because I tasted success in small ways, but because, I fought, I fought to be who I am today through love.

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