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Love is like a very small river

I met Leo and his colleagues at Google office during lunch. I shared with them about my project. Leo was the most quiet person in the group and I thought he would never want to participate, he surprised me by saying yes and promised to send me his photos too. And he did with the wish that "Hope your work will have a fantastic future".

Leo is from China and to him, "Love is like a very small river. There is no big wave and it just keeps flowing."

What a beautiful metaphor! I asked him what made him say this. He explained to me that he and his wife were in a long distance relationship and are now in a long distance marriage. They can't afford big waves to rock their relationship and instead, just keep the love flowing like a river so that they can continue the journey together.

And his tips for the long distance relationship & marriage? Be patient and understanding.

I am myself in the long distance relationship and can really relate to this advice. We both need to really patiently wait for the next time we can meet, patiently explain and listen when things don't go well and it's harder to do so via Whatsapp or call or patiently hope that one day we don't have to do this LDR again.

I wish you more patience, more understanding and keep that river of love flowing, Leo!

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