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Keep working on love

Above all, we had to strive to understand the meaning of kindness & love, the perfect & visible principle of all life.

Few months ago, October 2017 to be exact after coming back from my 3rd Leadership retreat, I was so keen on learning more about presence & synchronicity. I went on reading 1 more book on this topic "Synchronicity - The inner path of leadership" by Joseph Jaworski. It's an easy book to read comparing with the "Presence" book that I read earlier.

One day on shuttle bus to work,  I was reading and I saw a colleague of mine, Jakob. Usually I don't like to talk to people in the morning as I want some quiet time for myself. However, on that day, Jakob came and started talking to me. He asked what I was reading. I shared with him my book and almost immediately he took out the book that he was reading during his holiday. The title of the book is "Jonathan Livingston Seagull".

For some reason, I told him to wait while I right away checked on the index of my book as the title of his book left a strong impression on me. Guess what, the book that Jakob was reading is mentioned in my book at least 3 times and this book is really significant to my author, Joseph as he had to pull his car over to finish reading it. In fact, it changed Joseph's life including his life purposes.

I had been telling this story to many friends to illustrate the power of synchronicity.

Until Christmas day.

I met another friend whom I have known for a long time in Singapore. He's really passionate about energy and healing. I shared with him many things I have learned including this story. (Side note: after hearing my sharing, he said to me "Vu, you don't know how powerful the impact you make on other people's lives!" This made my heart swell :)

He asked me whether I read the book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull". I realized that I hadn't and I should and would do it soon.

After Christmas, I then started reading another book called "Synchronicity - Empower your life with the gift of coincidence" by Chris Markey. On page 21, "Synchronicity - The inner path of leadership" by Joseph Jaworski was mentioned and this triggered me to check this book again to see what & how "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" was referred.

And this is what it was written:

"Break the chains of your thoughts & you break the chains of your body, too." "This book is about the force that drove him to learn. It is about touching the highest part of ourselves & being driven to touch it again. It's about lifting ourselves out of ignorance & finding ourselves as creatures of excellence & intelligence & creativity. It's about discovering our higher purpose in life." "The way is to change our level of consciousness, to change the way that we think about ourselves." "What's my higher purpose in life? Why am I really here?" "Above all, we had to strive to understand the meaning of kindness & love, the perfect & visible principle of all life." "Jonathan, keep working on love" the last words of Jonathan's teacher as he disappeared in a flash of brilliant light. "That became my overall quest in life & the very bedrock on which the American Leadership Forum was to be found."

I decided to read "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" without any further waiting and I finished it within 20 minutes and I received this message from the book:

"Oh Fletch, you don't love that! You don't love hatred & evil of course. You have to practise & see the real gull, the good in every one of them, & to help them see it in themselves. That's what I mean by love. It's fun, when you get the knack of it".

Some of you have known since Oct 2017, I have started  as my leader quest to inspire human beings to love better. This story is really a timely reminder & nudge to me to keep going with my love quest.

To spread kindness & love

To inspire love & hope

To choose love no matter what

To keep working on LOVE!

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Choose love no matter what

To keep being inspired by love

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